* Full year Program

* Part Time Options Available

* Early Start Program (6:30-7:00)

* No-Nap Program (4-5 yr. old children)

* Accepts Self-Arranged Purchase of Care only

Elsmere Presbyterian

   Child Care Center


* 10% Multi-Child Discount

* Tuition due on Monday of each week

* Checks or Money Orders only

* Registration Deposit (one week's tuition)

* Vacation (half tuition due for up to 2 wks.) 

* Late pick up fee if past closing time

* Special Event fee when applicable


* Exceptionally low turn over

* EPCCC attracts and retains staff

   qualified through the Department of Education

* Specialized training and Credentials

* Certifications in CPR, First Aid, & Administration

   of Medication

* Annual and on-going professional development

   training in early care and education  

Most importantly, EPCCC staff take pride in the Center, enjoy planning meaningful lessons and experiences for the child, and strive to build and maintain bonds with families.


* Located in the Elsmere 

   Presbyterian Church's educational wing

* Large spacious rooms with great natural light

* Each group has their own room organized

   into interest areas to promote learning in all

   developmental domains

Infants has a maximum group size of 8 children with 2 staff


Toddler Ones has a maximum group size of

12 children (aged 1-2 yrs.) with 2-3 staff

Toddler Twos has a max group size of 16

children (aged 2-3 yrs.) with 2 staff

Preschool has a max group size of 20 children

(aged 3-4 yrs.) with 2 staff 

Pre-K has a max group size of 24 children

(aged 4-5 yrs.) with 2 staff